Fulfil your potential


Grow self-awareness and build on your strengths to set and achieve your career and life objectives. We all have so much untapped potential: dedicate the time you deserve to fulfil your potential. 


We can help you: 


  • Assess your career and life achievements to date

  • Identify and build on your strengths

  • Develop a life or career plan

What people say

       Giorgia is an incredibly interesting, curious, thorough and grounded individual. All of that combined with her passion for behavioural change makes her a first class leader and mentor.  

Her approach to coaching is structured and yet very fluid. She knows when is the time to push you for action, and when to leave you to get on with things and find your own answers. 

Thanks to her constructive questioning, she has helped me recognise mental filters, give perspective to situations and discover how to gear my brain into growing mindset.

If you are ready for a world of opportunities and looking for a journey of self-discovery, look no further and call her.


       Giorgia is a highly effective executive coach. A great listener, she understands her clients’ all-too-human dilemmas.


What makes her special is her deep knowledge of the behavioural techniques that can improve decision-making. These derive from cutting-edge science at institutions like LSE.


In my case, I was facing a jumble of timelines and conflicting priorities. She helped me to think clearly about which mattered and what it was I needed to do. She then helped me to produce a plan to keep myself on track, and gently nudged me at appropriate intervals to ensure that I lived up to my commitments.


I learned a lot from Giorgia, I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and I met my deadlines too.


     I have worked with Giorgia for the past few months, and I feel privileged to have her as a coach. She can strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing of her wealth of experience and ideas. 


As a result of her highly effective coaching, I now take actions that maximize my results. Also, she has helped me improve the quality of my CV and gave me a lot of handy job interview tips.


More importantly, I always look forward to my conversations with Giorgia as she is a positive person whose knowledge on a variety of areas spanning from change management to human behavior, coupled with her humor, wisdom, and intelligence make her the perfect conversation partner to share intellectually stimulating conversations.


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