The most fulfilling part in any of our projects is the opportunity of working with inspiring leaders.

Working with Giorgia was a game-changer, a trusted advisor always challenging the thinking, questioning the status quo and taking every effort to change behaviours for the better.


Giorgia understood my client requirements immediately and she created an approach placing the experience of the manager and the employee at the forefront. She achieved the aim of making their working world better and ensure managers become more empowered in their roles

Alison Jenkins

VP Global Reward Business Partner

Giorgia played a pivotal role in the Campari UK journey of moving to the Cloud and adopting a new way of working. Recognising that no system change is only about a new technology, I asked Giorgia to lead on the behavioural change to enable successful delivery of Office 365, in the first pilot within the Group.


Giorgia has a strategic focus on the purpose of change, benefits and creating the engagement journey for employees, with the capability to read the strategic and operational implications. She developed and implemented a set of behavioural interventions to enable the change.


I highly recommend Giorgia to any business who wants to succeed in its change journey. Her insights on behavioural change shape both strategy and implementation, they create the context for a successful change.

Pietro Mattioni

Business to Business Director at illy Caffe, previously Managing Director UK and Nordics

I worked with Giorgia on what has been the most complex change management project we have ever had at Vodafone. She is passionate about delivery, incredibly focused, she was always collaborative and agreeable including in the most difficult of time. We should take her DNA and clone a hundred of her.


Richard Letzelter

Head of Talent Management and OD - Novartis

Giorgia is an outstanding business change consultant. She is extremely personable and adaptable to all situations, driving change within the client, educating and enabling the client or simply guiding them through their own change process. She couples this with her ability as a team or project leader and most importantly she is a team player at all times.


Mark Sherratt

Management Consultant, Strategic Sourcing and Transformation Services

Giorgia is an experienced Organisational Change professional and managed the whole HR, Change and Communications of the transition for the major outsourcing programme I led in Melbourne. With Giorgia's assistance the programme went extremely well - all major milestones were achieved to schedule; the programme was delivered within budget; the feedback from both in and out of scope stakeholders exceeded expectation and the programme objectives were acheived.


Steve Tucker

Senior Engagement Executive

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Multi-industry, international experience

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