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Behavioural Change 

Change is hard to get right... unless you do it the right way

We live and work in a flux of changes: how may organisational changes have you experienced? How many have they achieved their desired outcomes?


The traditional change management has many positives, however it does not consider the intricacies of human behaviours. Sometimes people are unpredictable. 

The behavioural change approach is:

  • Based on the science of human behaviours and recognised academic studies 

  • Focused on small changes to the working environment and creating new habits

  • More effective to create sustainable change

Examples of how behavioural change can help you 

These are just some examples, there are so many opportunities to apply behavioural insights to improve how your business operates. 


Working in a highly regulated market means compliance is a key priority.

How effective is your current approach? Does it require a lot of policing?

The behavioural approach is based on changing the habits and the context people work in. It can make compliance a competitive advantage.


Many of us have a love/hate relationship with meetings.

Do you spend too much time in meetings? Do you think there is a better way to work as a team?

The behavioural approach is based on assessing the meeting culture in your team (or organisation) and then creating new habits and group dynamics.


There are many times when you may want to change the direction of your company.

Do you want your people to be more innovative? Do you want to deliver a service to consistent standards?

The behavioural approach designs interventions are based on changing the context people work, this makes it easy to develop new working habits.


Decisions can be difficult to take - there is a better way  

We have to consider options, impact, stakeholders and of course uncertainty in the organisation and the market.

Do you ask yourself: What if we get it wrong? Do we have the right decision-making approach in the company? Can we take better decisions?


We can help you:

  • Frame decisions  

  • Select appropriate tools  

  • Facilitate team decision making  

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